The Sugarloaf Bungalow House Tour

Many thanks to MosaicSkye for this amazing video of our
Big Bear rental property! 
Click here for the link...

video photography c/o


cabin decor

It seems this is the perfect time to decorate a cabin and bungalow
in the mountains- or just get that warm and cozy feeling in 
your space no matter where you reside! 

For the last few years, Target has carried some stinking cute 
cabin decor.  My favorite would have to be the

I'm also loving the Aztec and tribal textiles available at Urban Outfitters
 Tribe and True, and in the mountains at Coast Silver in Big Bear.

 This cute plaid flannel deer head is no longer available, 
but I'm so glad to have found her a while back (Target). 
She looks adorable in the upstairs bathroom 
with the claw-foot tub and vintage black/white tile floor. 

also check out Hobby Lobby, and these cuties from Amazon...

happy decorating- whether it be a nursery, cabin, bungalow,
lake house, urban living room, I hope some of these little 
elements help add charm to your space! 


porch living

 The Gingerbread House has the cutest porches! 
It's so nice to escape for the weekend and watch the sun rise with 
a warm cup of coffee on the porch. 
We have this cute little porch on the first level...

 -and a second floor porch upstairs connected to the bedrooms.
We just used these plastic adirondack chairs found at Lowe's
(they are available at most hardware stores each spring/summer). 
 These chairs are actually super comfortable and work 
well with the winter weather (just hose them off in the spring).

You can see I'm a fan of the market lights...we had the property for 
a few weeks but I had to throw up some fall decor here. 

awe, how cute are these porches? We love them,
they are the best to just kick back and relax for a bit! 

 One of our projects has been a backyard deck and landscaping. 
Hope to have some more to share on that project soon!