Vertical Succulent Garden

Living near the coast has been amazing for 
my green thumb! We are still aiming to 
make water wise choices, but so many options have 
opened up for us in this mild climate. 

Part of our backyard fence is actually our neighbor's 
house, so we needed to get creative in our 
landscaping choices in a few areas.

Vertical Succulent Gardens provided the height and 
visual interest we were looking for. The frames were 
easy to construct and stain before installing. 

To begin, hubby fashioned some simple vertical planters
and dropped them in to ready mix cement footings...

 Succulents are my favorite because they are 
easy to propagate and "shop" from what you have. 
Most of these guys were purchased in 
larger pots and split before planting.  Many were propagated while working on this project...

I did some research on how to best split up plants and propagate from existing succulents. Check out this great blog post from Terrain .

When we purchased this house the backyard was almost entirely grass. However, we opted for a larger concrete footprint and small flower beds along the perimeter of the yard with water wise plants. 
The vertical succulent gardens allow for some creative and unique plantings while the bulk of the yard is simple with larger statement plants. 

We are loving LED lights for some soft and low cost lighting in the backyard! We have Brighttown Outdoor lights pictured below, and this cool hanging basket pendant lamp for some ambiance around the fire.

Happy gardening! 


Leaner Mirror

Leaner Mirror LOVE 💜
yes, I might just LOVE this mirror! 
In our coastal home I was longing for a 
large leaner mirror to fill in the entry space...
we'd installed a barn door on the powder room 
and the adjacent wall needed "something more."

I waited for this to go on sale at Ballard Designs- you 
can find this exact mirror HERE.  

Beware, though, with a mirror this size you will need to arrange 
shipping and delivery. It was so exciting to have not one, but TWO, 
delivery people bring this into the house. It is massive and makes a statement, 
and adds light to this room. There is a zip tie hook which must be installed 
with a screw/anchor to the stud for safety reasons. 


Macrame Chair Swing

The Sugarloaf Bungalow vacation rental was 
SOOO fun to decorate! The house is a tiny 900 square feet 
and already had an adorable garden swing installed
inside the living room. It is an unexpected, quaint, and 
clever way to make the most of the space....

It made sense to add another space-saving seating option 
in the bedroom with the twin beds.....
yikes, how adorable is this macrame swing chair? 

cutest chair ever, right? 

You can find it on Amazon below and it's super easy to install!